We live in a world where everyone who is willing to work and the capacity to entertain people for a couple of hours can earn a huge amount of money in streaming video games on Twitch.

However, it did not begin in that way.

For the past few hours, XFire streamers or the early Twitch versions did not have any means to earn cash on streaming, other than just donations. They just streamed live videos for games such as Virtual Worlds For Adults because it was fun doing it. Nevertheless, just as Twitch has advanced over a previous couple of years, the chances to earn cash on the digital platform have also grown greatly.

With the capability to donate straight to game streamers with the latest Twitch game store, Twitch bits, and the Twitch’s subscription model, live streamers have surplus tactics to earn a living while streaming games.

But most essentially, brands have started to adjust to the power that streamers on Twitch have for advertising their services and products in the form of supports.

Being supported by a brand is now an ordinary for nearly everybody of the popular Twitch streamers. But for the streamers who are only considering the notion of making Twitch as possible earning source, the procedure for getting sponsored is quite hazy.

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This article details the steps you require to get sponsored on Twitch, without a massive viewer base.

Here the essential steps for getting sponsored on Twitch without an enormous viewer base:

1. Get your twitch channels ready for sponsorships.


Preparing your channels for sponsorships simply means tidying your stream up. Well, most of the cleaning that you will be required to do is on your information part.

Most streamers just throw anything they want in the information section, with any kind of graphic that fits their requirements. Having messily thrown together pictures is not a great idea when attempting to get sponsors.

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Consider it this way: if a product stumbles on your Twitch platform randomly, your objective when creating your information section ought to be to impress anyone looking at it.

This might mean you have a significant graphic design sending viewers from one part to the next, or that you have apparently described your stream’s product.

It also means that you have a great connection means displaying in your information section.

A brand must have a significant ample time when attempting to connect with you. This might mean your Twitter DMs must be open or adding the business email address in your information section.

Finally, although it is not too vital, ensure that your live stream overlay is not too congested with info.

Once you have prepared your channel, it is time to search for brands.

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2. Start looking for brands.


If you are not utilizing a powerful tool such as the PowerSpike to aid you with your brand discovery while looking to get sponsored, you will have to begin looking for brands manually. The best way to get brands manually is to conduct a quick brainstorming period.

Check around you. Which products do you utilize each day that you like? It could be toothpaste, your chair or even computer parts. Nearly any brand has some kind of relevance to streamers o gamers today.

Moreover, are there any brands that you have heard of or seen recently that are perfect ideas you would like to spread? These corporations might also be incredible for sponsorships.

If you are in a dilemma getting a list of corporations to sponsor you, I would recommend you head on Twitter. Search on a Brand’s profile webpage on Twitter that you like, and click on the “following” button.

Often, brands on Twitter will follow similar brands or the ones in the matching niche as them.

This step is particularly vital when discovering products that you do not have contact with previously. Furthermore, you can practice a bit when scouting products by contributing to what a product brand has to give.

Create an account, or buy a cheap item from a brand you like to see if you enjoy it.

Once you have a couple of brands that you like, it is time to get recognized by somebody at the corporation.

3. Get recognized and create a connection.


To strengthen the opportunities of getting sponsored, you must get recognized and create a connection with a decision-maker in the corporation you have been scouting. And one of the top tactics to perform this is via social media platforms.

We are in an era where early everybody, ignoring status, has created social media account they habitually post to. Bet it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter; there is a great opportunity that the individual who you want to talk to in a company has an account on any social media platform.

To find persons who have the decision-making authority on your sponsorship, you are going to utilize some of the various tools available online. LinkedIn is among the best tools to consider. With LinkedIn, you can easily search the title of the corporation you have been scouting and get a list of their workers.

Once you have found a corporation’s worker on LinkedIn, it is time to get a decision-maker within the corporation. After you think you have found a person you would like to contact, search then on social media to see if you have an account. If they do, that’s awesome. Click on the follow button and add them to the list of influential persons.

4. Get a way to link up with

Once you get the radar if somebody at the company you have been scouting, it is time to get a way to connect personally.

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Now, according to the company, sometimes they will have a certain section on their site, proving their email address you can use if you need to get sponsored.

5. Send your proposal

A proposal is often an email that is your initial introduction to a brand as a gamer looking forward to advertising their services and products. When writing the email, it is vital to be humble, honest, and yet confident in your messages.

6. Work out the sponsorship terms

If you did not manage to get a reply from a company or reject your offer, do not worry, contact another brand, and make sure you keep in agreement with the company before.

Nevertheless, if you did not get a confirmation that they would wish to move ahead with your sponsorship, that is great, it is time to negotiate the agreement. The sponsorship terms are just a few things:

How much you are going to be paid

When your salary is going to get in (one-time deal or monthly)

How frequent the sponsorship is going to happen

Once you have agreed on the sponsorship terms, you are ready to sign the agreement.

7. Sign your agreement

This is usually the last step before finishing your sponsorship. It is essential to read the contract thoroughly. Notably, ensure that you do not provide any rights to your channel.

Once you have signed the contract, you are ready to get started.

I hope you can use the above list of steps to your benefit when trying to get sponsorship.

From cleaning up your stream, all through to delivering your proposal to a company, all it needs is a lot of effort and dedication to be sponsored. Notably, it is very promising to be sponsored even when you do not have a huge viewer base.

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