5 Memorable Game Genres That You Need To Play

In this new era of the gaming community, most of the gamers has a particular genre. Where these games may be memorable to them.

As beginners, gamers may have to encounter a difficulty in recognizing this. But as the years go by, it will be easier for them to determine what game suits them better. So we’ve made it easy to figure out by giving you 5 best video game genres.

 There are many different types of video games. There is an endless list of options for the best game genres presented before you.  

Typically, video games are categorized by their characteristics or underlying objectives—not by the type of gameplay they contain. The choice is up to you.

If you’re the kind of gamer that only wants just a moment of delight or a fleeting pleasure. Of course, activity games are most likely the best for you. If you are one serious gamer, then you can choose one these game genres from below:

Kinds of video games:

Action Games

Action Game is the kind of video game or genres that requires hand–eye coordination. It points out and emphasizes physical challenges. Individuals appreciate action games for an assortment of reasons. But the explanations behind playing a particular game may vary from individual to individual. 

Role – Playing Games


Role – Playing Game or what we call now as MMORPG, is one of the best game genres that millennials love so much. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. This is the kind of gameplay that thousands of gamers participate in.

To join in this game, you will create a character with a unique IGN ( In Game Name). The goal is to level up by exploring the world with amazing and fantastic UI  (User Interface), and to build an online gaming community that requires online socialization.

There are so many classic and promising MMORPG since 2005 like Ragnarok. If you happened to play this game way back years ago it’s more on socializing, creating Guild, exploring the world of Rune-Midgard, meeting new friends, partying and  leveling up, hunting for the equipment and materials for crafting, to finish quests.

Simulation Games


Simulation games are best described as extra ordinary category video games wherein they are designed to simulate realistic world activities and real life form of a game. Also, you will enjoy the graphics and the simulation as a whole.

Action – Adventure Games


Action – Adventure Games. These are the games from the word “Adventure” itself. This game is enjoyed mostly by exploration like the Walking Dead – (2012 – Present), Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, Night in the Woods and etc. They most frequently incorporate two game mechanics — game-long quests or obstacles that must be conquered using a tool or item collected.

Puzzle Games


Puzzle Games, is the  kind of game wherein you need to have a critical thinking skill and be able to solve problems. One of the most valuable benefits of puzzle solving for adults is that it helps to improve IQ scores. If you are someone that is fond of solving tricky questions, this is the best video game for you. 

However, game classifications can likewise have subgenres, thus numerous games can fit into different sorts of gamers.

Without a doubt, it tends to be confusing to determine where you are good at but eventually, as time goes by it would be easier for you to research, try different kinds of video games, and connect with people with social media.

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Would-be gamers can also watch videos that will give them a good idea on what video game to choose that will make them the best gamer now and in the future .

No matter what your interest is, there is absolutely a game genre that will appeal to your mood and skill level.

One of the biggest challenges to all the gamers, is the fact that you have to always bear in mind to play moderately, and focus on what is the highest priority in life. Don’t get addicted… just play for fun.