Sometimes console controllers is not enough for some video games. And many console gamers are enjoying playing using their old-controller but they didn’t know that there’s a whole world of performance potential to be unlocked by swapping for a keyboard and mouse.

Sony’s PlayStation has been the top player in the gaming world since 90’s especially the released of PS4 as their major product. While this experience has made the gaming part very polished, anything between the games , since the Dual-Shock controllers were not exactly designed for this purpose.

However, PS4 does support PC gamer’s setup such as keyboards and mouse, which makes completing all of these actions more comfortable and way simpler. And it also allows users to be more versatile, much more accurate, and quicker in those decisive gun battles

Because of that we have compile and listed the some of the best keyboard and mouse combos for PS4. These combos can fit your unique gaming set up or gives you more confidence in doing live streams.

The Best Keyboards And Mouse For PS4

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

KEYBOARD Features:MOUSE Features:
Gaming keyboard with 20 multimedia keys and switchable backlight color
RGB backlight 
Backlighting brightness adjustment 
25-key rollover 
5 macro keys
Windows-key lock
Laser-engraved,never-wear keycaps
3200 DPI
10g actuation force
Durable smooth TEFLON feed pads
5 programable buttons
8 tuning weights
Adjustable DPI-800/1600/2400/3200/
10-millon click durability

The design is to fit each specialty, from gaming to work efficiency. On the gaming side, you’ve got the Redragon keyboard’s smart see and customizable color patterns.

Both of your main devices offer backlighting, which is remarkable as most gaming combos offer backlighting on the keyboard only. However, you can turn the LED on and off, depending on your preference.


The 25-key conflict-free plan implies you’ll press different keys down without fear of dropped inputs, and the Win key can be impaired to anticipate it from stopping your gaming. In addition, You will love the braided 3 mm fiber cable, the high-quality laser-engraved keys, adjustable keyboard feet for the perfect tip angle, Wired 6 feet high-speed USB cable, and the fact that the keyboard is entirely splash-proof.

This makes it a awesome gaming console for PS4 and PC alike. At that point there’s the gaming mouse with an ergonomic plan and up to 3200DPI. It indeed comes with six buttons, five of which are programmable.

HAVIT Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Keyboard SpecificationMouse Specification
Interface: USB
Size: 48.5*20.7*3.2cm
Key Lifetime:10 million
Cable Length: 150cm
Backlight Operating Current: 200mA
Operating Voltage: USB 5V
Interface: USB
Size: 14.2*7.6*4.1cm
Buttons: 6 Keys
Cable Length: 160cm
Key Lifetime: 3 million
Operating Voltage: 5V

It’s keyboard has LED Backlit can switch among high light, medium light, breath mode, and turn off by pressing Fn + Esc simultaneously.  With up to 19 keys without conflict, WIN keys and interchangeable “WASD” keys can be disabled for gaming + 12 groups of multimedia key combination (FN+F1~F12) included.

Moreover it is compatible with Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8 /Win10/ Mac OS/ Linux system. (The multimedia keys are only work on Windows)

 BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Keyboard FeaturesMouse Features
19 non-conflict keys allows you to press or hold multiple keys simultaneously
10 Multimedia keys make it quickly access to media volume calculator etc.
Ergonomic designed keycap, keyboard with 2 adjustable rear feets
2 non-slip rubber pads, provides comfortable typing experience.
Ergonomically designed construction
6 Buttons, Made of quality ABS plastic
Comfortable and durable
4 Different LED breathing light change automatically
4 Levels DPI Adjustable: 800/1200/1600/2000
Forward button + DPI button can turn on/off the mouse backlight.

It has an alluring, reasonable cost point, but nothing almost this combo feels cheap. Everything encompasses a great weight and a strong construct to it, so it doesn’t feel like you’re gaming on feeble hardware.

The convenience of a Numpad is frequently a topic of furious talk about; you either adore it otherwise you severely dislike it. In case you do not need a Numpad taking up room in your play region, this one cuts it off to spare room for more valuable gaming buttons such as the Print Screen key. This makes the BlueFinger the leading console and mouse combo for PS4 in case you need to spare space without relinquishing pivotal keys.


Here are some of the keys for Backlit Mode:

  • FN+SL: 3 color change
  • Fn+PS: 3 color auto-breathing mode
  • Fn+PB: Solid color auto-breathing mode
  • Fn+Up: Adjust the brightness plus
  • Fn+Dn: Adjust the brightness reduction

 Orzly Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

Keyboard FeatureMouse Features
 Wired membrane gaming Keyboard
Multi-coloured LED backlighting
Anti-ghosting with 19 key roll over smooth keystrokes
Media control keys, gaming Mode function keys, and adjustable legs for wrist comfort
 Compatible with PC, PS4 & Xbox One.
Wired Gaming mouse with Rainbow RGB lighting
Adjustable DPI (800 – 3,200 DPI) optical sensor
Comfortable ambidextrous design
Precise scrolling wheel

The Orzly Gaming Console and Mouse could be a smart expansion to this list without breaking the bank. This combo too comes with a mousepad and a headset. 


Shockingly, the last mentioned encompasses a amplifier that isn’t congruous with the PS4 without an connector. In any case, if you need to utilize this equipment on your PC as well, it’s a extraordinary way to urge yourself completely equipped. Just since it’s cheap, doesn’t cruel the console and mouse hold back on the points of interest. The console has an appealing RGB show with three diverse color modes, and the mouse has four movable DPI alternatives.

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