The Most Astonishing PS5 vs Xbox Series X Buyers Guide

PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X? Which one is better console and which one should you guys get, well spoiler they’re both very good consoles. You’ll be extremely happy with either of these to.

However, there are quite a few differences between these two consoles that might make you pick one over the other.

We’ve done a similar comparison back in March but that was before we knew the design of the PS5. Likewise, the games and the graphics. Tons of new details to cover in this blog, so without any further ado.

Here is the ultimate comparison between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. In detail of design, specs, games, graphics, special features and finally the price.

Starting off, PS5 and the Xbox Series X couldn’t have been more black and white. While, the Xbox Series X has this very elegant and classy look in all matte black. However, it is bigger and fatter than the Xbox One X. But that’s because of the massive cooling system that this console needs in terms of the ports.

We have three Usb type-a ports, all Usb 3.2 – one on the front and two on the back. Other than that a Hdmi 2.1 port which supports 4k at 120 hertz as well as 8k at 60 hertz. And an ethernet port a Kingston lock to lock in your Xbox in place various of our public places. In addition, it is an expansion slot for the first party SSDS by Microsoft. As they will sell which I’ll be covering in just a second.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

The PS5 on the other hand is completely different. First of all it comes in this nice matte white color with glossy black accents and a blue led strip. Which I’m assuming same as on the ps4 would be changing it’s color. It is base on different states of your console such as rest mode sleep and so on, size wise though the PS5 is gigantic.

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It is much taller than even the Xbox Series X and also taller. And it is also said to be very heavy at 4.8 kilograms.

However, the PS5 is slimmer than the Xbox’s now. It has one USB type-c port on the front as well as a USB type-a port.

Sony hasn’t really shown us the back of the console just yet. But it is safe to assume that it will have HDMI 2 and an ethernet port and a PSVR port. And likely, PSVR 2 port which will allow the external receiver for the new PSVR. It will be connected as the PSVR 2 will be a completely wireless headset.

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Also I do expect a few more USB type-a ports on the back. Aside from this, there will be two models of the PS5 a regular version and a digital only version. Which lacks the Blu-ray drive the digital only version looks much better as it’s perfectly uniform.

The disk version looks like it has this tumor that grew on its side. When Sony designed the ps5, they first designed the digital version as that’s really the future speaking of models. There is a rumored second model of the Xbox series x just around the corner. This is the Lockhart/ Xbox Series S version which could look something like this personally I really do like both.

But I’m leaning more towards the digital version of the PS5 design, it’s something about that. It just make it look more futuristic more high-tech.

I personally really into that but let me know your comments which design do you guys prefer. Now, both of these consoles feature are a dedicated hardware for ray tracing and also a very fast SSD.

You would assume that these consoles are identical in terms of performance. However, both CPU’s feature AMD Ryzen processor which is based on Zen 2 architecture. So basically, desktop class CPU’s that AMD’s latest offering they’re both eight core processors. However, the Xbox series is clocked at 3.8 gigahertz while the PS5 CPU is clocked at 3.5 gigahertz .

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 CPU will be running at a variable frequency. Which means that while the Xbox will be running a constant 3.8 gigahertz the ps5 can go up to 3.5.

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But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will actually run this high. PS5 has more power to divert in GPU when needed because otherwise the CPU might consume a ton of power. Some game itself doesn’t actually require that much performance on the GPU side. A brand new Navi/RDNA 2.0 architecture is not out for PC’s at the moment it’s coming out around December.

So now that Xbox GPU has 52 compute units or cores. Each clocked at 1.825 gigahertz while the PS5 has 36 compute units clocked at 2.23 gigahertz. It means that this translates to have 12.15 teraflops of GPU compute power. While the PS5 has 10.28 teraflops so that’s 1.87 teraflop difference it that a lot?

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Well, fun fact the difference between the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X in terms of GPU performance is 1.8 teraflops. So this difference is quite significant ram wise they both have 16 gigabytes of gdr6.

However, they’re both using it in a fairly different way for example the PS5 has 448 GB/sec memory bandwidth for the entire 16 gigabytes chunk. While the Xbox has 560 GB/sec bandwidth but only for the first 10 gigabytes of memory. The other 6 gigabytes are running at a slower 336 GB/sec bandwidth.

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB Console with Wireless Controller: Xbox One X Enhanced, HDR, Native 4K, Ultra HD (Renewed)

However the PS5 does have one big advantage and that is when it comes to the storage. So both consoles now have flash storage modules or an SSD compared to the mechanical hard drives. The current generation consoles the Xbox Series X comes with a one terabyte SSD while the PS5 comes with 828 gigabytes.

If you care about storage then maybe the Xbox is better option. But if you hear about speed, the Xbox’s SSD has a read speed of 2.4 gigabytes per second which is 50 times faster than before. However, the PS5 SSD has a read speed of 5.5 gigabytes per second or 110 times faster than the PS4.

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The Xbox side Microsoft will be selling drives that they developed in partnership with Seagate. Which will allow you to add one extra terabyte of storage to the console. Sony on the other hand they will not be selling any first party SSD’s. Instead you will be able to buy any third party m.2 drives from amazon.

However, there is a catch that drive will need to be at least as fast as the speed of that internal drive. As of right now there are no drives that even match the 5.5 gigabyte per second speed. You can connect external hard drives but any next generation games can’t be played with slow drives.

Hence, you can store your car duration games on those which will be playable on both of these consoles.

The biggest difference between these two consoles really is you see on the PS5 you will have exclusive titles and exclusive games.

All games made by Sony studios will only work on the PS5. In other words, the next Spider-Man game will only work on a PS5.

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The good news is that those games will look absolutely incredible but you need to buy a PS5. Now when it comes to the Xbox things are entirely different  Microsoft says that for the first two years there will be no exclusive at all on the Xbox Series X so this means that any new game that you buy for the Xbox will work on the series x the Xbox one, Xbox one s, the Xbox one as well as on any Windows pc.

The great news here is that you don’t really need to buy the Xbox Series X to take advantage of these new games.

The bad news, however, is that the games will not look as good as exclusives will on the ps5 more about that when it comes to the graphics okay so now which console will have better graphics and same as with the games this is where it gets tricky.

If you’re into cross-platform games such as call of duty, Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed basically anything that works on both the Playstation and the Xbox, those games will run better on the Xbox most of these developers have already confirmed that the Xbox series x version of those games will run at higher resolutions and frame rates on the Xbox Series X.

in fact Microsoft is actually aiming for a full native 4k experience at at least 60 frames per second with some games even targeting 120 frames per second Sony on the other hand they haven’t really confirmed that are even targeting 60 fps in sunny games for example the developer of the next Spider-Man  they confirmed that  Spider-Man miles morales will have a 60 frames per second mode.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Red

But their tweet is a bit strange and it kind of implies that you’ll have to choose between 4k and 60 frames per second or if you’re on 60 fps you’ll need to have some graphical options disabled.

On the other hand since the ps5  will indeed have exclusives at launch these games will indeed look true next gen while the games at launch  on the Xbox series x since those are cross-platform , non exclusive games they will just look like car generation games just in high resolution and at a higher frame rate take  a look at halo infinite for example for which we actually got the gameplay reveal last week and the game looks decent.

It runs  in native 4k at 60 frames per second which is really impressive  but the graphics themselves they just look like current gen like  take a look at the  grass in the game  and the lighting now compare it to let’s say last of us  part 2 or Ghost of Tsushima in these games the foliage density is significantly higher not only that but in the last us part 2.

You can even interact with the foliage to the point where you can for example bump into a pine tree and you’ll actually see the snow fall off of it which is pretty incredible.

Also pay attention to the lighting and I’ll compare both of these to how it looks in halo infinite, keep in mind that Last Of Us and Ghost of Tsushima are PS4 games, halo infinite is a next gen title.

To cut the long story short, when you develop a game you have to develop it on the weakest common denominator and let the more powerful hardware run the same game at a high resolution and at a higher frame rate otherwise if you develop the lighting and the physics on a higher end platform porting that down is going to be incredibly difficult.

Special features: Anything unique in terms of each console that might make you pick one over the other, well the controllers are a pretty big difference.

The Xbox series x controller looks almost identical to the Xbox one x controller which is not necessarily a bad thing as that controller was regarded by many as the best controller on the market and the biggest improvement that we get with the Xbox series x controller is something called a Dynamic Latency Input which is supposed to significantly reduce the input lag making this controller likely the best controller or choice if you’re into competitive gaming.

Now the PS5 controller, this is a full redesign over the PS4 controller over the Xbox controller we do have a touchpad and also haptic support similar to what we have on modern smartphones just on steroids, to give you the ability to feel different surfaces in a game.

The next difference into special features between these two consoles is when it comes to backwards compatibility and this is where the Xbox has a massive advantage, allowing you to play Xbox one games, Xbox 360 games and even original Xbox games while the PS5 will only allow you to play PS4 games.

Also, the Xbox does feature the Xbox game pass which lets you play a selection of games via a monthly subscription, pretty amazing if you just want to try some games out. Sony does have PlayStation now which is also a monthly subscription.

One big advantage here to the PlayStation could be the new 3d audio engine, this is a hardware based engine which will immerse you significantly more into a game by giving you 7.1 surround sound in all PSI games.

And finally let’s talk about the price, the prices have not been revealed as of yet which means that the prices that I’m going to give you are based on leaks from some reliable sources.

The PS5 is set to start at $400 for a digital version and then $500 for a disc version. The Xbox Series X is said to start at $500 but we’ve also seen reports that Microsoft will also launch another Xbox, the Xbox Series S, that’s the rumor name which could start at around $300.

However, the Xbox Series S will also be considerably less powerful than the Xbox Series X, whereas both versions of the PS5 are identical in performance.

In the end which one is the better choice, it’s a tricky one because if you care about cross – platform games and if you’re a competitive player then Xbox is a better choice. However, if you mostly care about story based games and exclusives then the PS5 is a better choice.

Also, keep in mind that the Xbox will be getting exclusives about two years after launch so if you already have an Xbox one x for example, you don’t really have to buy a Series X. Let me know in the comments which one you guys pick and why.

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