In this blog, we will talk about some tips or ways how to become a better gamer. Either you are a console gamer, a mobile phone gamer or a PC gamer. Everybody wants to make themselves a better gamer, right?

Here are some tips to make you a better gamer:

1. Keep Focus

There’s a saying that “Focus is the gateway to business success”. However, it’s not only applicable in business.

If you have a specific role in a game, try to focus on that thing. Just keep your focus on one thing ONLY. Because it will avoid destructions. Speaking of destruction, before you start always make sure that you finish all things that you need to. Such as throwing the trash, washing the dishes and finishing your homework.

To begin with, start with the lowest difficulty and never jump to the higher level unless you already mastered the lower ones. Focusing on the lowest difficulty on the game can help you master the control of the game, the level layout, the boss pattern and many more.

As a matter of fact, starting with the most difficult or the higher levels can lead to early rage quit. Not to mention, starting with the easiest level is the most effective strategy.

2. Ensured You Are Ready For The Battle

You can’t be at war if you’re not prepared and without bringing any weapons. Likewise in gaming, you can’t play if you have a slow internet connection, uncomfortable place, and a lagging PC/console or whatever you use in gaming.

  • Wired Internet Connection. It is more recommended to use wired internet connection, Aside from getting better upload and download speed, you have the lower chance to get disconnected. This is more important for gamers who plays game that needs timing like Call of Duty.
  • Gaming Chair. If you don’t have one, any chair that you can sit comfortably will do. Of course, you still need to practice a better posture unless you want to have backpain for the rest of the game.

Those are the most important things that you need. Not to mention that equipment that you will use like pc, console or mobile phone. Of course, it should have the better specs so that you will enjoy.

3. Have A Lots Of Energy

By all means, you need to have a lot of rest before starting. Because you will use a lots of lots of energy.

A little science fact, you are using a lot energy in your brain during reaction time or problem solving skills.

Therefore, if you doesn’t have enough rest you’ll get tired easily and you could lost your focus while on game. An in addition, you can’t perform very well.

4. Take Time To Research

Before anything else you should have an idea or knowledge about the game that you want to master, Search its all about, the control and how the game works, This tip is a an advantage for you especially if you are into competitive games.

Moreover, you can also watch Youtube or follow some walkthrough especially if you are really stack on a certain area or level.

In addition, you must know your controls like if you are using PC you can customize your keys and same with the controller if you are using a console.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Take time to practice. To be sure try to play the tutorial mode if they have, You can replay it again and again until you master the techniques, the controls, an how the game works.

If you will compare the person with 100 times played and the person with few you can see the big difference between them. It takes time but practicing is the only way to master that skill.

To become a better gamer here are some additional tips you want to consider:

  • Have Patience
  • Play a Variety of Games, A good gamer plays different sort of games.
  • Always Save Your Game. You might want to consider that unless you want to start all over again.

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If you any additional tips, just leave a comment below!